Quality certificate

Quality certificate

Our priority is to offer the highest quality to our customers. So we have a Quality Management System, according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001.2008, which endorses our products and services.

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<span style="color:#0093B5;">Asysum</span>, <span style="color:#0093B5;">Turbos Kirus&copy;</span> manufacturer, exposed at the <strong>Automechanika'2014</strong> show in Frankfurt

Asysum, Turbos Kirus© manufacturer, exposed at the Automechanika'2014 show in Frankfurt

We exhibit at major international trade fairs in the sector. In the image our booth at the ...

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In “Turbos Kirus”, we are experts in turbos, we offer you turbocharger finished, and we hold we of to supply you the pieces necessary for the rebuilding and the reparation.


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